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Salary Guide for occupations in the United States

Use this salary guide/salary comparison tool to determine how your pay compares with national and regional U.S. data. With the four forms below you can quickly answer salary level questions such as "How much did social workers earn in Denver?" or "What were the 5 highest paying regions for Nurses?" or "What are the 5 highest paying occupations in Baltimore?"

This data was gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' National Compensation Survey, 1997-2006.

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Some helpful notes:

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  2. Mean vs Median
  3. More recent data hasn't been made available in raw data form, that I'm aware of. The Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-2009 Edition is good for finding detailed information, including national median pay levels, on every kind of job. But it doesn't allow for quick comparisons betweens jobs or regions. Data for all of 2007 is available in tables. If I get the 2007 data into searchable database form, I'll put up a link.
  4. The BLS raw data is available at, and can be searched through their interfaces. I found their interfaces rather clunky, so I made this one.
  5. BLS guide to how it calculates work levels for occupations.
  6. The data offered here has been gathered from the field by the BLS. There are many year/occupation/area/work level combinations for which the BLS has only gathered data for one or two years. For those combinations for which data was not gathered from the field, the BLS attempts to model a mean wage. To get modeled results, you have to use their java interface. You'll have to allow popups on your browser to see the results.
  7. Annual wage calculation is done by multiplying the mean hourly wage by 2080 full time, year round hours, as per the BLS
  8. This data is for the rest of us. If you are one of those people who manages to fool all of the people all of the time, please refer to this data set.
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