Ford Farm Coastal Cheddar

Sunday, October 4, 2009 - 6:51 pm
By Colin

Nothing profound occurred to me while eating this cheese.

It’s a good cheddar.  Good with apples.  A little dry with bread — but most cheddars are, aren’t they?

Apparently, sea salt crystals are added during the maturing process.  Hmm.  Nibbling here on the last few crumbs, I guess I can taste a little saltiness.  Not bad.

Nothing “salty” jumped out at me while I was eating big chunks with my apple, though.

Much more affordable than the Fiscalini — the Ferrari of cheddars.  But, maybe not quite as tasty.

This is an English cheese, pasteurized cow’s milk.  $9.99/lb at Fairway in September 2009.

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