Fiscalini Cheddar – the fiscally irresponsible cheddar

Thursday, September 24, 2009 - 10:59 pm
By Colin

Yes, fiscally irresponsible because at $19.96/lb, it’s hard to feel smart about chewing on this cheddar.

Nonetheless, this is a good cheddar.  A very good one.  It is sharp, strong, not stinky, moist but definitely not soggy.  Goes great with an apple.  If you’re going to serve cheddar on a well dressed cheese plate, and dress up for the occasion yourself, then this is a good choice.

As decribed by Fairway:

“Supreme champion limited edition:  Cheesemaker Jorge Mariano Gonzalez.  Hand made.  Bandage-wrapped raw cow’s milk cheddar.  Voted best farmhouse cheddar at the 2002 American Society Award.  From Modesto California.”

A very good raw milk American cheese.  I do make an effort to look for these.  I need to find something equivalently tasty, but at a more modest every-day snack kind of price.

$19.96/lb at Fairway, NYC, September 2009.

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