A Favorite Cheese

Thursday, December 11, 2008 - 10:50 pm
By Colin

Some would say that any bad smelling cheese must also taste bad.  Not me.  I’ll eat the reekiest, foulest smelling cheeses, and give their taste an objective, unbiased evaluation.  I’ve found many a good cheese this way, and I have a weakness for good cheese.  I know from experience that a pleasant smelling, or non-smelling cheese is not necessarily a good cheese.  

Sadly, not everyone agrees with me.  I have relatives who will not touch a cheese because it smells like “old shoe”.  That’s OK, that just means there’s more for me.

But what to do when I need a cheese that everyone can enjoy, not a cheese that my guests will just wince at while watching me munch away on it?  I pull out the d’affinois.

D’affinois is awesome.  It looks like a brie, with a white rind and a creamy middle.  But it is so much creamier, melts in your mouth like butter, spreads wonderfully, and still has some flavor.  I like it better than brie.

In New York we can buy it at Fairway.  Online, one of the better prices I’ve seen is at Murray’s.  Stay away from the type found in these boxes – that’s not as good as the stuff that comes cut from the 4.4 pound wheel.

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