Un Chimay Trappiste

Sunday, August 23, 2009 - 7:40 pm
By Colin

You never know what you’re gonna learn when you decide to research your cheese.  I bought a small piece of Chimay from Fairway.  It was good.  Had that chalky skin taste.  I’m not too wild about that.  It’s soft and creamy.  A strong taste.  The piece I had was pasteurized cow’s milk.  Hopefully one day I’ll find an unpasteurized piece.

Anyways, googling the cheese, after it was all gone, led me to the history of Trappist cheeses and beers (and a number promotional recipes).  Trappists are Belgian monks who seem to have gotten quite good at cheeses and beers, and at marketing.  Well, they have a nice, informative site, with links to cheeses, recipes, and Trappist history.  Particularly funny are the “Moments Chimay“, a Chimay testimonials page with nearly 500 entries.  Most seem to praise the beer.  If I may just quote: “j’ai bu une trappiste de Chimay avec mon copain et néanmoins ami Christophe Colomb avant qu’il ne parte pour son long voyage vers les Indes. Il était tellement bourré qu’il eu du mal a trouver l’Inde …”

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