Queso La Leyenda

Sunday, July 19, 2009 - 9:42 pm
By Colin

The Legend, apparently.  Made of raw sheep’s milk, which makes it quite flavorful.

This is a good cheese.  After it has been made, it is marinated in an herb infused oil for around two weeks.   So, in addition to the yuminess of the cheese, you get all those thyme, taragon, and rosemary flavors.  Kind of like you’re biting into an herb encrusted focaccia, but the bread is not there.

What’s there is an almost hard, almost crumbly cheese.  I don’t like crumbly cheeses – they’re usually too dry -  but this one came through with just the right combination:  crumbly, but still moist!  How’d they do it?  Must be the marination.

Well, it worked for me.

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