Hurricane Irene Update 4

Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 7:20 pm
By Colin


Still at the Abaco Beach Resort hotel, Marsh Harbor, Abaco, Bahamas.  It’s nearly seven in the evening, the southern portion of the hurricane has been passing over us for at least four hours now.   The winds are quite strong out of the west, but not getting stronger.  We’re expecting the winds to gradually ease off in the night. 

The grounds have a number of downed palms and large fallen branches.   I saw one balcony railing up on the fourth floor bent back on itself, having caught the wind; other than that no damage to the building. The Boat Harbor docks are still intact, and the few boats that are left in them are still floating and well tied down.

We haven’t ventured beyond the hotel grounds – the winds are now carrying a stinging rain, and are still strong enough to launch a coconut, palm frond, or roof tile – so we don’t know how the rest of Marsh Harbor has fared.  But my general impression is that Irene did not develop, while over the Abacos, into the catastrophic storm that forecasters had warned of. We do wish she would move on though.

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  1. Balbir Singh

    I am glad to hear that Irene was not so ruthless as forcasted. I hope all the people of Abaco, especially Marsh Harbour are safe. I am praying for you all. Be careful!

  2. orie lebus

    Man, I’m glad you posted this. I’ve been concerned about some friends down at Mangoes Marina. My boat is next door to you at the boat yard.


    Thanks SO much for the post. I am supposed to arrive there on Saturday, trying to decide if I should cancel or not? Your insight was very helpful. Please do let us know what happens when you venture out. Glad you made it safely and hope for the same results from everyone else

  4. Toni

    Thank you for the post. I’ve been trying to find information about Treasure Cay. At least this is somewhat close. Any surge? I

  5. Any news regarding Green Turtle Cay?

  6. Syd


    Any news at all about Green Turtle Cay and the boats which have been lifted out of the water for the season?

    Many thanks.

  7. Ann and John

    Thanks for posting this, we also have a boat in Marsh Harbour boatyard and are trying to find out any info we can.
    Keep safe x
    Ann and John – currently in UK

  8. Robet Kloumann

    Does anybody how the storm affected Treasure Cay

  9. Robet Kloumann

    Does anybody know how the storm affected Treasure Cay

  10. Troupe

    Any updates on the status of MH in general? Thank you hope all is well

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  12. David

    My old 28′ S2 sailboat “Ragtime” is also on the hard at MHBH. If anybody has any pics of MHBY let me know.
    Although I did tie the roller furling well, I did not take it off but simply wrapped rope around it so it could not unfurl………..maybe.


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