Hurricane Irene Update 3

Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 2:40 pm
By Colin


A bright spot and weaker winds as the eye of the storm passes over us.The storm appears to be a little ahead of forecasts.  It wasn’t supposed to each us until four this afternoon.  Its early arrival is a positive sign.

2 Responses to “Hurricane Irene Update 3”

  1. michelle

    Thank you so very much for the updates.

    My folks live on MH and I have not been able to reach them since midnight last night.

    Your updates have given me some peace and also knowing this is not their first hurricane helps a bit. Thank you and stay safe!

  2. Colin

    You’re welcome, michele. The southern curve of the storm is still passing over us. I see some trees down now, but that’s it from where I am. I wish your folks well. – colin


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